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If you have tried your hand with a few online casinos and if you like this pastime, it is almost guaranteed that you have an active interest to find ways of beating the system with online slot strategies that work. It is also likely that you have searched for this on the internet and have plenty of advice presented to you on different websites. So what we are outlining here is our view on which slot strategy is worth trying. We hope to save you some valuable research time and potentially some money on the slot. Therefore while there are innumerable slot tips online, here we present to you only the top 10 best online slot strategies that online casinos don’t want you to know. From this you can develop your own best online slot strategy by trial and error.


  1. Know if an online slot is worth trying

First thing to understand here is different UK online slots have different RTPs. Higher the RTP, lower is the house edge, and higher is the chance that you will beat the system. But the word “chance” is important here. Even while playing a high RTP slot, you cannot expect to win every time. The Random Number Generator in the slot algorithm will make sure each spin of the reel is a unique event, with no correlation to the past spins of the same reel. Still, you will find slots that are statistically similar while playing them you get difference performance. It takes some amount of playing to come to conclusion about the slot that is working well for you but a thumb rule is to move on from the slots where you have not seen any wins despite a number of consecutive tries.


  1. Test a slot with free spins

One way to test out a slot for free is the free spins. Since the online market is highly competitive, the casinos often offer free spins on specific online slots to lure new players or to get old players back to the their casino. Different casinos structure their free spin programs differently, but generally speaking, you will usually get a great o9pportunity with these free plays to do a decent test run on the slot. There is also good chance that you will end up winning some real money with these spins. So a popular online slot strategy is to sign up with multiple casinos and get a lot of free spins to explore the best online slots with.


  1. Seek out no deposit bonuses

While not available in all the online casinos, some do offer no deposit bonuses particularly to new players, which practically is free money. Therefore if a casino offers you a £10 no deposit bonus sign up, by all means take that offer. With this, you will be able to test out the slots with zero risk, while keeping the upside potential to yourself in case you win. Keep in mind though that if you win substantially, you may need to make a deposit in order to withdraw your winnings.


  1. Check the games developer

One of the most overlooked secret is that playing a slot created by a good game developer can make a big difference to your game session. It needs to be understood that just like the casinos, the developers are also doing this as a business, and they want their games to be played by as many players across as many casinos possible. With that objective in mind, some developers tend to make slots that are popular because they deliver some big wins. Pragmatic Play is one such provider.  Nike and Reebok are largely in the same business, but they make their shoes differently, and attract different audiences differently. Likewise, slots do vary from one developer to another in features, quality, RTP, gaming experience and many more areas.  Once you choose a slot from a really good developer and compare your experience with the not-so-good one that you have been playing, you will see a big difference.


  1. Notice competition between casinos

Generally in any business, the more competitive a market becomes, the more skewed it is in the buyers’ favor. And the online casino market in UK is highly competitive, making it the perfect playground for new players. With all online casinos looking for their attention, the players can comfortably choose. What mainly makes a difference between casinos is the wagering requirement, which is a multiplier that states the amount you must bet before your bonus can be released as cash. The lower it is, the better it is for the players.  Also keep in mind that there are casinos where you can get a no deposit bonus, but while withdrawing your wins, you may need to make a deposit. Or there may be other factors such as a maximum cashout number or equivalent that the casinos may use to limit your withdrawals from your bonus wins. So learning about the exact bonus structure is essential.

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