Best UK Online Slots

Best Online Slots that Offer Great Payouts

There is an easy way to understand the payout potential of an online slot machine. One has to understand that each and every online slot machine has an intrinsic number, actually a percentage, attached to the machine called the RTP (return-to-player) which indicates the odds of a player profiting during a given session playing the slot. The higher the RTP, better the slot is for the player, because that also signifies lower house edge of the casino.

There are many online slots that readily display their RTP. There are also online casinos hosting the slots who will show the slot RTPs to the players in various ways. But there are also others who are rather non-transparent, making it harder for their RTPs to be known. Considering the market has good penetration by both of these types, finding out the slots with best payouts takes quite a bit of work.

Luckily for you, we have done all the groundwork and will soon publish a list of the best payout online slots with the highest RTP very soon. The list will comprise of 25 of the best paying slots in UK, all having very impressive RTP numbers ranging from 95% to 99%. Generally, an online slot UK having RTP higher than the late 80s can be considered worth trying the next time you hit the online casinos.

We often get the question from other players which best payout online slots with a high RTP we ourselves like to play. Well, it will all be on our published list. Stay tuned.

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