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Best Slot Games for Android Phones

If you visit Google Play and search for casino games, you will find literally hundreds of options for online slot games for android. This number has been increasing quite fast and has taken quite an astronomical figure in recent years because the demand for android slot games continues to be on the rise. While the market is flooded with options, the best slot games for android phones are handful. We hope to provide you with some guidance about how to find the best slots for android phones.

Firstly, all slot games are not the same. They fall into some broad categories, and it is much easier to work with them if you understand these categories and delve deeper into the ones that are appealing to you personally. Therefore it makes sense to research them in a traditional way to get a basic idea about them.

Generally speaking, the top slot games for android will come packaged in the following usual structures.

Free to play, but play for nothing – These are basically game emulations offered just for fun. So you have nothing at stake with these free slot games for Android, but neither does the casino. You win a jackpot, and you earn nothing. In a way these game are no different than any regular online game.

Free to play, when you sign up as a new customer – the casinos usually offer a welcome bonus in the form of free spins to attract new players. So once you are registered, you will have the option to play these free spins without having your own money at stake, while keeping the upside to yourself. In case you win, you will be able to withdraw your earned money.

Paid, but optional – There are mobile casino games you can buy credit upfront to play, and then decide to play with either the app or other folks as opponents. But the important thing to note is this whole process is optional.

Paid, and mandatory – These slot games on android will offer you no option to decline their requirement that you must pay both for the access and play.

Games with multiple gambling options – Whether free or paid, these types of android slot games have features to allow you play with different gambling modes, mimicking some of the options you will find in actual casinos.

Games with specific gambling options – These games offer only a few choices for the mode of play, the more popular of them being cards or slots. You choose them based on your preference.

Games with features in addition to gambling options – these games reflect a rather new evolution in the market, as their presentation, graphics, animation and themes include non-gambling but attractive features just to enhance the gaming experience, while still offering the core gambling options.

Video games which also have gambling options – These are typically presented as regular online video games but are internally structured to offer the casino appeal. They aim to hook the player with slot machines, roulette or cards, while offering the usual extra effects like races or battles.

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