Free Chips Online Casino

Unique Strategies to Get Free Chips at Online Casinos

When you sign up to an online casino as a new player, you will almost always receive a bonus which is a mathematical match (by some formula) to your first deposit. Sometimes when you make a deposit as an existing customer, you may receive similar offers. These offers serve the purpose of attracting as well as retaining customers. Even until a decade earlier, this was sufficient to have a decent number of signups as well as retention for the casinos in UK. However, things have drastically changed in the last few years primarily because of the explosive growth of the online casino market itself. As a result, hundreds of new casinos have entered the market, which, in turn have skewed the economics significantly to the players’ favor. As the casinos compete, they now have to continuously explore new avenues to attract new players. That is where free spins come in.

Players demand that they first want an inside look in to the casino before spending their own money. This is why most online casinos have started offering a structure called free spins or free chips by which a new player can get some sort of a free play in order to inspect what that casino has to offer before they spend cash. In that sense, the “free chips” offer is not a new promotional scheme, but indeed an innovation to the existing bonus programs most casinos already had for long.

The best free spin strategy is to sign up to an online casino that has an active free spin welcome bonus offer. And once you login for the first time to your new account, look for the details of the offer. It is important to read the terms and conditions. Sometimes the casino will offer you the free spins with no deposit or wagering requirement. However, this is rare and may only be available occasionally. In most cases, you will find that with your first deposit, you will receive a decent number of free plays. So that constitutes a successful online free spin strategy with a free spin casino.

Note that these spins may be attached to a specific game or may be open to all the games, depending upon the structure of the scheme. You can play your spins without having to spend your own money, and you can keep your winnings to take home. However, sometimes the casino will have some kind of a limit which will limit withdrawals to a certain level. Therefore, if you win a lot, you may need to wager some amount in order to withdraw. Most people do not mind that because they are usually already ready to spend with their own cash in the long run, and are aware that they were using their free spins just to test the waters. However, it is important to read the T&C carefully to understand all the terms.


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