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Ideal Way to Spend Your Online Casino Free Spins


This post does not in any way imply that online gambling is an way of making profits or getting rich. Neither do we encourage readers to increase spending in pursuit of winning. This post merely describes the features of a certain strategy as it is applied by some players. Whether you wish you apply this strategy or any strategy outlined anywhere else on our website is completely your decision. We highly encourage you to visit and learn about responsible gambling.

Assuming you are already familiar with the fundamentals of slot machines and you have had a few gaming sessions yourself to wet your feet, it’s time to discuss how best to spend your coins and your time at a slot, with an objective to quickly find out if it is a “loose” one. And as you already know, the best way is the free way, which means free spins. So we assume that you have already gotten some free spins to play with, and you are playing to test the slot.

Your total bankroll is the sum-total of a certain number of stakes. For example, if you have 10 stakes of €20, your bankroll equals €200. Let’s say, with this, you will begin your “Loose Slot Test technique”.  To do that, first you have to decide the number of credits you want to play, which simply is the multiplication of the “multiplier” and the number of activated paylines, where the multiplier is the number of coins you will bet per spin on each active line. The number of credits is a factor largely determined by the type of slot machine you are playing at.

The next is to decide your number of spins. It can be the usual 10 or any other number, but important is to stick to your chosen number. Then you multiply the number of spins by the number of credits to reach a number which gives you your total wagering amount for your chosen game. While there are other ways to determine this number, this is the easier way.

Now, let’s say, your total bankroll is 2,000 credits, you want to bet 46 credits per round, and intend to play 10 spins. You, therefore, would wager 460 credits in total. Assuming your available total free spins will cover this, you start playing. When all the 10 spins are complete, your remaining credit should amount to 1,540 (2,000 – 460) plus whatever credit you have won during your spins. Given you have won a few credits in your rounds, your effective bankroll, will be the difference between this 1,540 credits and those that are in the machine. Divide this by 46 and you get the number of spins you can still play.

Then you just repeat the steps. On this run, if your credit hits 1,540 or goes lower, it will be time to finish your game session at this slot machine and cash out. However, if you win a prize, you can continue. Depending on the credits you have earned, you can even increase the number of rounds per session. At the end of each session, your decision to stop playing will be determined by whether your number of credits has reached 1540, so whenever you decide to stop playing, you will be able to take home some winnings. That’s how you can find out it a slot is “loose”.

This is a great way to spend what you got for free at your favourite free spins casinos UK.


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