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How to Use the New UK Casino Online Fibonacci System


This post does not in any way imply that online gambling is an way of making profits or getting rich. Neither do we encourage readers to increase spending in pursuit of winning. This post merely describes the features of a certain strategy as it is applied by some players. Whether you wish you apply this strategy or any strategy outlined anywhere else on our website is completely your decision. We highly encourage you to visit and learn about responsible gambling.

There are several interesting roulette strategies one can apply to better the methods of playing against the house. Considering the house has the edge, a method that depends on negative progression, which in the world of roulette, generally translates to the rule of thumb, is often effective in converting negative numbers into positive. The Fibonacci Strategy is one of them. It is one of the more promising strategies we have practiced for quite some time at the casinos online.

In the Fibonacci casino system of playing, you strategically increase your bet size after every loss after applying a standard method of calculation in such a way that once you win a bet, your accumulated losses are covered. Basically, the Fibonacci betting system is not as cumbersome and risky as the Martingale strategy, where you will double your bets after each loss. Neither it is as overwhelming as D’Alembert strategy, where you will increase bets quite slowly. Essentially, the Fibonacci system lies somewhere in the middle along with the Labouchère strategy, because here you increase the bets slower than Martingale but faster than the D’Alembert strategy.

However, in order to play effectively, your chip stack size should be reasonable. This is because although you are taking relatively lower risks than the Martingale strategy, it is always possible the bet-size will go quite high, especially if your expected win does not come in the subsequent games. Therefore, this is not a safe system that you can use to play with a lower bankroll.

Few people know this, but the Fibonacci sequence was known to Indian mathematicians for thousands of years, as depicted in some early Sanskrit books. In modern times, Leonardo of Pisa, whose formal name was Fibonacci (Filius Bonacci) popularized the Fibonacci sequence by his publications. This sequence has been of great importance in the study of the science of nature, as well as business, particularly marketing. In the world of gambling, is has found application in the Roulette game as the “Fibonacci Roulette Strategy”.

In summary, Fibonacci Strategy, while not risk-less, offers an interesting method to attempt to cover one’s losses with the first win. Risk here is increased at reasonably slow pace (at least lower than doubling), but it works only with a good size chip stack and there is a small chance that max table betting size will be hit before a win comes in. Nevertheless, if you are a player who can concentrate well to keep track of the bets and keep the nerves, this strategy may be an interesting one to try. Patience is key here, because you are applying calculations to chase the losses using a system. Basically you should be comfortable with the idea of playing from behind. You can try this at the best online casinos in UK.

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