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Best Roulette Strategy for Online Casinos

Many often wonder where the real charm of roulette actually rests. It is indeed a slow-paced game. And seen strictly mathematically, it is not the best for making huge sum of money even if you apply the best roulette strategy online. Yet roulette continues to be one of the more popular games with the players, particularly in UK.  Perhaps the ease of understanding, or the ease of playing, or both add to the magnetism of roulette. Whatever be the case, there are tips, techniques, and strategies for roulette that you can apply to boost your chances at the game. Here we will outline some of those best roulette strategies to make your next game a little more exciting.

Knowing your odds is the first step to developing your own roulette strategy

First of all, it is not necessary at all to learn the odds while playing roulette, but just like in everything else, knowledge helps you make more informed choices about which bets to try, and even what type of roulette to play.

Let’s say here are the odds:

Bet         American Roulette          European Roulette

Even money bet               46.37%  48.6%

Column bet        31.58%  32.4%

Dozen bet           31.58%  32.4%

Straight Up bet 2.63%    2.7%

Split bet               5.26%    5.51%

Street bet           7.89%    8.11%

Corner bet          10.53%  10.81%

Double street bet            15.79%  16.22%

Top Line bet       13.16%  NA

Have you noticed?  The odd for the European Roulette look much better. That’s a good starting point for your research.

Start playing the free spins to begin

Playing online offers many advantages and one of them is that you can play a lot of games for free before starting to play for real. Free spins at online casinos are a great way for you start developing skills, and more importantly, building confidence. They also help you get familiar with the different types of systems and bets as well as the winning probabilities attached with them. Therefore you will soon be in a position to track your success rate with each of these, and develop your own roulette strategy by learning from your mistakes.

All roulette pros develop knowledge about the standard online roulette systems

Saying knowledge can increase your chance is not the same as saying it will guarantee success every time you play, because truly speaking, there is no foolproof strategy that will ensure that. But a basic understanding, followed by an in-depth understanding of the various systems will invariably make you a better player because it is the system you are essentially competing with, and knowledge about the opponent is vital here as it is with any game.

House edge is an important factor to consider in your online roulette strategy 

Keep in mind that house edge is that factor which highlights the chance that casino is guaranteed to win in the long run. Therefore lower the house edge, better is your edge.

Seen on the surface, American roulette with 38 numbers does not seem much different from European roulette which has only 37. However, this minuscule difference has a massive impact on the house edge, which, for American Roulette stands at 5.26%, while for European Roulette, is only 2.7%, which is almost half, making choosing European Roulette a more successful online casino game strategy for any given player.

Playing the Outside Bets is the best roulette strategy for beginners

In this game, bets are of two types – inside and outside. As you develop your strategy for roulette, you should know the pros of cons of both of these.  Inside bets will pay you higher times of your bet size, but you are likely to win less number of times, whereas the outside bets are just the opposite –  You are expected to win more times, but make less multiples per win.  

Remember the game is psychological. Just like other gambling options, roulette is also a mind game of sort. Therefore, more number of wins will help you develop a better winning mindset which is a key strength of the best roulette players. Therefore, we recommend sticking to outside bets to begin with, and after a decent number of wins, trying some inside bets to test.

Also in general, resist the urge to take big bets aiming at higher wins to boost your bankroll. Making smaller bets and taking time to consistently build up bankroll is the smarter method.

Column-betting is a good strategy for roulette when you begin

Stated simply, in column betting, you are betting on either “high vs low”, “even vs odd”, or “red vs black”. Basically the table has three columns, and you are betting that ball will hit a number on one of them. Column-betting is simple to understand and easy to play. It is also is a classic outside bet. Therefore as stated above, you will likely have better chance to learn the game faster if you begin with this.

Take advantage of the En Prison rule when possible

European Roulette offers the En Prison rule, where your even-money bets are placed “in prison”, which means if the ball ends up at the ‘0’ slot, your betting amount is carried forward to your next spin and if you win that spin, you get your money back, and if not, then you finally lose your money. So you basically have two chances when the balls hits the ‘0’ slot, instead of just one.

Always be in control of your loss

We cannot overstate this enough that you must, and you absolutely must, set yourself a loss limit before beginning to play. The limit will show the maximum amount you are willing to lose on that day, and once set, should free your mind from unnecessary hankerings over your losses because you have intelligently calculated and accepted a certain probability of risk that is part of any gambling exercise.  This strategy however, only works if you respect that limit. Once you’ve hit that limit, stop and move on. You can always play the next day.

Finally, choose your online casinos wisely

The market throws many options at you, and some look really alluring on the face. But we highly recommend you don’t sign up to every online casino that comes on your way. Remember you are playing with real money. Once you win, it only makes sense that you would want real withdrawal methods to withdraw your money. But there are imposters in the market that forget to get this part right. Therefore do your research and play only at legit online casinos.


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