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If you are looking for objective third-party assessments of the UK online casinos, you are at the right place. SlotCity reviews all UK casinos online and showcases only the best. What we have found is the most popular mobile online casinos are popular for several reasons, including their ease of use, collections of games/slots, technology, customer support, modes and speed of deposits and withdrawals as well as legal matters such as licensing and compliance. You can be sure that the ones featured on our site as the best online casinos UK are indeed the ones which are real, legal and truly the best in the market. While some of these are brand new online casinos, they made to our shortlist for the same reasons their more established and older competitors did. Therefore here you can expect to find reliable online casinos that you can confidently sign up with.

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Shaman Spirit Jackpot

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Legend of the 5 Ninjas

A legendary monument, an ancient pagoda, massive towering torches illuminating

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CasinoNew Account OfferMinimum DepositRatingActions

up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit

Wonga Games

Up to 500 Free Spins

on Starburst


up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit

888 Casino

up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit


up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit


up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit


up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit

Mr. Green

up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit

Plaza Royal

up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit


up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit


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Best Online Casinos in UK

The world is moving digital. Shopping, school, banking, transport and many other aspects of life have moved online. Casino gaming has joined the bandwagon. You can visit many casinos online and enjoy as many games as you can in a brick and mortar casino.UK online casinos are famous for being the best online casinos in the world.

There are new casinos coming up every day on the internet. As soon as they are established on the internet, they become popular quickly and attract millions of fans from all over the world to play in them.

A Warning on Online Casino Gaming

Once you are introduced to online casinos, you love them instantly for the convenience they provide. You don’t even have to leave your house to gain access to a table or the slots.However, there are some dangers that come with playing at online casinos.

Addiction. This is one of the most imminent dangers of playing at your favourite online casino in the UK. You are likely to get addicted to the feeling of winning or to keep chasing your losses to recoup them with one big win.

This will lead you to want to play at all times. Playing every once in a while to pass time is ok. When it get to addiction levels, you are at risk of losing your job, friends, family and all your money. Therefore, be careful not to get addicted to online casino games.

To enjoy and play in online casinos responsibly, there are some things about your life you should observe.

Set aside time that you will play in an online casino daily or weekly. If you don’t do this, you are likely to play casino games at all times even when you should be working or engaged in other social activities.

Second, set an amount of money that you will not exceed whenever you access the best online casino. If you don’t do this, you are likely to lose it all. You could also find yourself borrowing money from family and friends that you then go on to lose at the casino tables.

This will not only ruin your credit and your personal relationships.

Another danger of online gambling is the security risk you expose yourself too. There are many malicious people online. Your network could be unsecured which could lead to hackers gaining access to your system and gaining your bank details.

They will steal your money and could even steal your identity to commit more crimes with. Always make sure you have a secure internet connection whenever you are playing online. Also, protect your money and have strong passwords.

In as much as gambling online is exciting and entertaining, have limits, cut your losses and don’t chase them. Gambling addiction is a serious condition that could easily see you ruin your life.

Tips To Succeed In Your Best Online Casino Games

Frame of Mind

To succeed in anything, you need to be in the right frame of mind. Online casinos work hard to provide the ambience of a brick and mortar casino. There will be music, people to compete against and slots promising major wins.

When you decide on the game to play, concentrate on it. Don’t get attracted to the games on the sidebar trying to get you to click on them too.

When you are through with your game, in whatever way it goes, you will have gained a better understanding it from full immersion. Your next game will definitely be better and you could win big.

Take Measured Risks

This is one skill that every gambler who opens a tab on their search engine to join the best UK online casino should have.As a gambler, this means that you are willing to accept the outcome of the hand you are served. If you win, you win graciously.

If you lose, you accept the loss and live to fight another day. Don’t chase the losses, or you will get yourself into a downward spiral.

Another way to measure your risks while playing in an online casino is by monitoring time and money spent. This ensures that you have a handle on your money to not lose it all. Monitoring time also helps you to know when you should be involved in other activities of your life.

Only Play at the Best Online Casino

This is a key concern for all online casino games.Carry out intensive research to find out which is the best online casino in the UK. Read reviews and ask other people who play casino games.Find out their pay-out policies to winners and how long you may wait to cash your earnings. Also, find out what games they have and assess your chances of not only having a good time playing but also winning.

Don’t Forget the Bonuses

Some online casinos offer you points. Many online casinos will have different types of bonuses you can take advantage off


When you find the best online casino and you enjoy playing in it, spend your time their properly. Experiment with all the games in the arcade and learn how to play as many as are available. The one thing that you should always remember with online casino games is to quit while you are winning.