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If you are like us, the challenge of casino slot games thrills you. But as we often did, you also probably spend a good amount of time searching online trying to find the right slots games that are suitable, but are often frustrated at the confusing options thrown at you from hundred different websites. What was needed is a crystallization process that will filter out the unnecessary from the essential. And that is where an online casino games guide such as SlotCity comes handy. Dedicated gamers ourselves for years, if there exists a mobile casino game, we most definitely have played it, reviewed it, and considered it for our list of the best online slot games on this page. If it has made to this site, you can rest assured that the game has all the attributes of fun, excitement and opportunity most gamers look for. Therefore we invite you to go through the list of online casino games UK here, and sign up to the fun ride. There are some opportunities to play slots on this page that will simply blow your mind !

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Fluffy in Space Jackpot

Fluffy in Space is the latest adventure in the Fluffy

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Beat the Bobbies

Beat The Bobbies is a 5-reel slot game by Eyecon

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Hold the Safe Jackpot

The huge safe in the Hold the Safe slot machine

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CasinoNew Account OfferMinimum DepositRatingActions

up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit

Wonga Games

Up to 500 Free Spins

on Starburst


up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit

888 Casino

up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit


up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit


up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit


up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit

Mr. Green

up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit

Plaza Royal

up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit


up to $200

Equal bonus with deposit


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Mobile Slot Games

Slot games are among the most popular casino games. You will find them in every casino that you visit to play.

With most people accessing the internet on their mobile devices, slot game makers and casinos have moved their slot to be mobile based.

Be a Responsible Player

When it comes to gambling on mobile slots, everyone who indulges need to be a responsible player.

A responsible player does not stake more than they can afford to lose. Gambling is not a business only use money that you don’t have an immediate need for.

Don’t borrow from friends, family, or loan sharks to stake on mobile games. You might not be in a position to payback your money once the game is done.

Further, do not chase your losses. If you make a loss on your mobile slot games, accept your losses. Don’t send more money down the drain to chase down the losses seeking to recoup them. You will go down a rabbit hole of losses.

Gambling addiction is a serious condition. Guard yourself against it by becoming a responsible mobile slots player. It leads to financial loss and strained social relationships. It pushes you into a debt trap that will be difficult to get out off.

Types of Mobile Slot Games You Can Play

Classic Slots

Classic mobile slots are slot games based on the traditional three reel casino slot. They have a few or a single payline to stake on. In addition, classic slots have simple features and are easy to play.

Video Slots

If you looking for modern graphics, sound and colours as with other mobile games, videos slots are the mobile slots you have to play. They are appealing to the eye and hook you into the game for longer.

Further, they are filled with fun features. You will also get to follow the themes of these games and have fun as you enjoy the storyline.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Slot Game to Play

Trustworthy and Reputable Gaming App or Website

When playing mobile slot games, this is the first thing you should look for.

If you are going to stake money on the mobile slot games make sure they are backed by a trustworthy and reputable gaming software developers. A registered and recognised games provider or casino should be the source of your mobile slot games.

If you are playing for money, you are sure that properly registered and regulated casinos will payout if you win.

Payment Methods and Currencies

The best mobile slots to play are the ones with multiple payment methods and that accept multiple currencies.

To gain customers all over the world, game providers need to provide multiple payment methods and accept as many currencies as they legally can.

Fast Withdrawals

When you are looking for mobile slots to play, look for one that guarantees first withdrawals of your earnings.

Read reviews of the games from other players.

Customer Support

This is an important feature to look for in all the mobile slot games that you choose.

If you have a problem while playing the game, for example internet disconnection you can contact support and they will assist you quickly and efficiently.

Compatibility with Your Phone

Mobile slot games are provided through mobile phone platforms.

If you have an Android device, you will choose and play mobile slot games compatible with the Android OS. If you use an iOS phone, you will play iOS compatible slot games.


There are many mobile slot games available for everyone who want the convenience of visiting a casino from the comfort of their couch. With a mobile device, a stable internet connection.

There are different types of mobile slots you can play. You also have a choice of whether to play money games or free games. You can also choose classic mobile slot games that have little to no features or modern mobile slot games that have superior graphics, colour and sound.